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Originally posted by Jeffus
MAXPOWER.... you also have my support, you've given plenty of valid/plausable explinations to many peoples issue.... much appreciated and keep up the good work!
Thanks Jeffus, much appreciated!

I have noticed a slight stutter on some games since updating to the new drivers (no flicker!!).. I.e. Vietcong, CoD demo, Black Hawk down..... nothing too serious but just enough to be noticable. With such a fast GPU, coupled with everything else I realy wouldn't expect and stutters/slow downs.... I'm intrigued as to what Nvidia have done with these drivers?? I have also noticed a slight drop on 3DMark2001SE/2003 benchmarks
I haven't installed the 45.33's myself yet (since I don't have flickering and all)...but I have noticed some slight stutter with the 45.23's in some games...very negligable, but I don't notice this slight stutter with the 9800Pro as often. Background Windows services can always cause an occasional hiccup so I usually write it off to that.
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