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Default Re: Killzone 2 Demo is up on EU PSN

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Cool demo. Unfortunately everything is already well known from countless videos but it's still worth playing. I wanted to see how the controls are. Well, they suck. Super slow and imprecise. I already have enough problems controlling console shooters but this feels simply disconnected. Otherwise the game is solid, visuals are ok even though there is a slight grain filter. Sound on the other hand is insane, great atmosphere.

It also plays a bit like CoD. You run form script to script and kill everyone in the meantime. It's still fun because the action is superb!

In short: great game but horrible controls. Not worth the full price for me.
I agree about the controls. It feels that it takes a while for the game to respond when you move the sticks. For example when you aim up or down from a stop it takes a split second until your character looks up/down... Hopefully they will take notice and fix it.
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