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Default Re: Killzone 2 Demo is up on EU PSN

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
It's a design choice (every preview covered this aspect of the controls) to add the effect of weight. Problem with most FPS games is that your playign a soldier carrying 50lb+ of equipment yet your agile as a gymnist. They decided against this and wanted to do what they felt was right, they wont change it.
Irrelevant. I'm not talking about how the character moves but about the fact that there's "lag" when moving your gun around. That's not something that would be affected by how much equipment you are carrying. If I give you a gun and strap 50 pounds on your back, yes you will have difficulty moving around but while aiming your gun, it doesn't make a difference... It's like your brain gives the signal but your hands take half a second to respond... That's just a retarded design choice... If its indeed a design choice and not a game problem...
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