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Default New DX10 MMO? No - 3 year old D&D.

A techy friend was over and we were playing various console games and then talked about the latest DX10 games and such and we got to talking about the latest FPS games and graphics (and which ones actually had interesting stories/multiplayer beyond the gfx candy) until we got around to MMO's and their either ugly WoW balloon animal graphics (though with a nice style) or even the latest Warhammer's DX8 era graphics. Then I showed him what I was playing MMO wise (still after 3 years) and he plans to trial it out.

Anyways...enough story - here's some screens from Turbine's step-sister to LotRO that shares the same engine and recently got the same DX10 overhaul:

Dungeons and Dragons Online (now in DX10 - this was from my GTX260 at 1920x1200 8xAA 16xAF)

Mmm... snowy:

Jumping and falling fun:

Watery Cavernousness:

The DX9 isn't too bad either (from a 7900GTX Go laptop):

Hmmm... I know I have some better pics that show similar trees and shadows as LotRO. Need to imageshack them from my other machine.

Here's their DX10 screenshot thread winners from a few months ago when DX10 debuted:
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