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Default Re: New DX10 MMO? No - 3 year old D&D.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
DDO was fun for a short time but the game has very poor balacing and lacks any of teh depth from D&D.
Yeah... I kind of go back and forth to it each time they release a new set of levels. I was just really surprised to see the new pretties from DX10 from a 3 year old MMO with their most recent Module.

Had just tried Warhammer the past 4 months... which has some great PvP but the normal assinine questing. Plus War's class balance is a much more sensitive subject given PvP assaults are the end game. Gonna try WAR again in a few months (and a few more balance passes).

DDO and WAR are kind of a good pair to play... one for PvP, sets, big guilds, and one for quests, interesting character builds, and IMO a more FPS style of play.
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