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Default OpenGL problems with Quadro FX 370


I am using a Sun Ultra 24 with the Solaris 10/08 release. The graphics card is a Quadro FX 370.
The driver is version 180.22, although I have the same problem with earlier drivers.

I am unable to get MATLAB R2007a (running on a Solaris SPARC platform) to display using OpenGL graphics on this machine. When I issue the command opengl info, it just hangs.

Perhaps more generic to debug (but I think strongly related) is to use the /usr/openwin/demo/GL/ogl_install_check program (from a server running solaris on SPARC). This should open a window and display some graphics, report some statistics etc.

These things do work fine for me on my other Sun workstation, which is a W1100Z, with I think a Quadro FX 500 graphics card. They also work fine on my old Dell laptop which has a GeForce4 440 card, and the 96.43.07 driver.

I opened a support call with sun on this a month ago, but they don't seem to have made any progress. At this point I would be pleased to hear from others who can replicate this problem, or alternatively, others with the same hardware but no problems.

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