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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
first off, Vista was the least popular OS because of the FUD campaign launched by Apple. also, Vista wasnt a failure. there were 100M copies sold as of January 08.

Vista works perfectly for me, and i get the same framerates and performance in Windows 7 that i do in Vista.

that being said, no OS is worth a $400 pricetag.
They may have sold 100M but there aren't any figures on how many of those people went back to XP. Same thing with the bundled copies. I know alot of people went back to the OEMs and bought XP to replace Vista.

Vista didn't fail because of Apple either.

Vista failed because of high hardware requirements. Windows 7 runs on my laptop that cannot run Vista decently with only 1GB ram and 2.4Ghz P4. I dont need more power for a surfing / email laptop so never felt inclined to upgrade. Vista failed because it wouldnt run on older systems, Vista failed because it couldnt run on many laptops. Vista failed because most people didnt have 8 GB of ram, DX10 GPUs and Quad core CPUs which it needs to run "well". Vista failed because it was Vista. You can lie to yourself all you want but thats the fact of the matter, Apple holds what 3% market share? You really think Apple cause Vista to fail? my God have I got some beachfront property to sell you...

Moving on ...MS learned alot from the Vista failure which is why Windows 7 is going to be RTM by the end of the year a comment I made last yet and was ridiculed by the likes of Nekro and Vin for. Imagine that I was right, I knew I was. Windows 7 is being fast-tracked to win back the folks with older PCs that went back to XP, also for the laptop users that Vista just was too much for.

Further, to get back on topic - we don't need 11 SKUs (including x64). We need one or two actually, Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and x64, thats it. One OS that gives you everything and is affordable. That is the only area Apple is winning in. MS stop being so greedy and listen to your customers already. Oh yea and Vista didn't work "perfectly" until SP1 even at that point "perfect" wouldnt be the right word for it. SP2 is coming along nicely I'm running SP2 on two machines here and its much more like Windows7 with CPU and memory usage.
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