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Default Re: Help needed from 295 owners

Okay, I’ve tested this system every which way up and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a direct instability problem between the GeForce GTX 295 card and the AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard (yes I know this is an old motherboard but that’s the point of the article I’m writing. It has a single PCIe 16x 1.0a slot).

I believe the instability is purely hardware related and exists under both Windows XP and Windows Vista… it simply manifests differently under each. Under both systems it doesn’t seem to affect general 3D performance, only PhysX stability. Under Vista it causes the system to hang for 30 seconds at random intervals, but only once SP1 is installed. Prior to SP1 the system doesn’t hang, but the PhysX instability still occurs.

There are no problems when the GTX 295 card is replaced by an 8800 GTX card. I’m quite sure that this is not power related… unless the 295 card is introducing noise into the system, in which case I would expect general instability, not just PhysX instability.

My guess would be that the motherboard bios needs a tweak to its PCIe timings (possibly download rather than upload). I bet these older boards where not thoroughly tested for data download stability (i.e. GPGPU was never tested on it). Why it should be unstable with this card though and not an 8800 GTX card I have no idea.
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