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Default Re: Help needed from 295 owners


Very significant:
...perfectly stable under WinXP (apart from that one fluid demo)...
And also very significant:
...GTX 295 card and the AsRock 939..
Upgrade to a new LGA775 system. 939 Systems are great for backup and stuff and the Smithsonian already has a AMD 939 with a GTX295- "The Super-Bottleneck Computer". Only IF you have the best 939 Dual Core CPU is it best to fully upgrade and keep the 939 system for emergency to run games.

But you didn't mention your CPU and all of your specs like requested. You know, like Saturnotaku initially asked,
Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post
Can you post your complete system specs, including the brand and wattage of your power supply?
Always start by including Complete System Specs for fast, efficient, and the best help.

GL Monkish

I luved my 939 and still use it for Email.
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