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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Vista failed because most people didnt have 8 GB of ram, DX10 GPUs and Quad core CPUs which it needs to run "well". Vista failed because it was Vista. You can lie to yourself all you want but thats the fact of the matter, Apple holds what 3% market share? You really think Apple cause Vista to fail? my God have I got some beachfront property to sell you...
Two things that you're wrong about here. First, a dual-core and 2GB of RAM is all you need to run Vista well. Lose the quad-core and 8GB nonsense, that's a fallacy. Secondly, while Apple does have low market share, those commercials did slow the adoption of Vista. Those advertisements caused a lot of computer illiterates to believe things about Vista that weren't true. Those ads did more to slow Vista sales, than to promote Apple sales.
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