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Default Option "Rotate" problem with Xserver 1.5 and 180.27


i've got a problem that's quiet hard to describe.

In my xorg.conf i've rotated my screens statically with 'Option "Rotate" "left"' which worked perfectly up to the latest Xserver 1.4.x.

Now with the new Xserver 1.5.x there seems to be an issue with render/emulated overlays.

It looks like this:
When i start for example twm and run xterm, the xterm window has a border of 1 or 2 pixels around it.
So far so good.
But when i do a left-click on the desktop to open the twm menu so that the menu will overlap the xterm it messes up the borders!

The border's now showing the content of the menu where it overlapped.

That's happening for every window and for other wm too (xmonad, didn't try something else yet..) and always when some other window is overlapping.

It goes away when i move the window around a bit.

The contents of the window stay the same though.

This is quiet annoying.. maybe somebody can help, or is my last option to switch back to Xserver 1.4.x?

Thanks in advance and regards!
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