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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX View Post
itīs called Monopoly
no competition adn they can charge a million dollars for it if they wanīt.

they kow that there sinīt need for all these silly versions but!

more money for a company in no need for more millions but greed is greed and goes ahnd in hand with stupidity adn i some cases ultametly consumes the company/person too much greed si not good and that is what M$ is and stuipid too
Yeah, sure sucks how Microsoft's profits enabled Bill Gates to become the most gracious, charitable man EVER BORN.

Originally Posted by methimpikehoses View Post
+1 for monopoly

Monopolies aren't good, kids.

Yeah, I miss the 80's where you needed 12 platforms to run every program. I also wish we had 40 powerplants in my area with 40 transmission lines coming to my home.

You must have missed the lesson on "natural monopolies" and why they are good in 3rd grade.
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