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Originally Posted by Bokishi View Post
Doom 3 is flawless for me, using 3x 280s on Vista 16x AA & AF on Ultra @ 2560x1600 - FPS pegged at 60
Just got my card. And
...Vista 16x AA & AF on Ultra... ...FPS pegged at 60
is exactly what I'm doing at 1920x1200. I have to get out the locker codes now! And I have to remember to unlock FPS and see how high it goes. F.E.A.R. reached 600 FPS Max when I tried its Performance Test with all Max settings. Tested it for the first time yesterday and I've not OCed CPU yet.

But how does an old game like Doom 3 take advantage of a GTX295's dual GPUs? The nVidia profile maybe?
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