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Default Re: Panasonic Viera TH-46PZ85U va Samsung LN46A950

Originally Posted by nicorulez View Post
I was under the impression that Plasma tv's were less susceptible to burn in now and that issue was kind of a moot point. Am I wrong. Also, a Kuro starts at 50 inches and that is too large. How about the LG LED 47 inch television that is a direct competitor to the Samsung. I heard it is pretty nice. Peace everyone.
Plasma tvs are less susceptible to burn-in than they used to be, but they can still have it happen. They also tend to come equipped with a white-wash feature to remove burn-in, but that drastically shortens the life of the plasma.

As for the LG LED, I've heard nothing on it so far, but I would be pleasantly shocked if it was on par with a Samsung 9, given their history. My advice for buying a tv has always been, go see it in person before you buy it. Something that I consider "garbage" may be something better to you. Heck, you might even decide on a DLP.

However, I still stand by my original statement, if you're buying the set for games, avoid Plasma.
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