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Default Re: CPU scaling with GeForce 295 GTX

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
The article;

Might plonk in some dollars in a q9650 and o/c that to 4GHz or more?
OC a Wolfdale E8400 or better yet an E8600 (They cost $100 more but OC much easier to 4.1GHz and higher.).

Wolfdale E8400 $164.99:

Wolfdale E8600 $269.99:

QX9650 Yorkfield $1,029.99:

Screw getting (or get screwed) a 9650 for $1,029.99. And stick with the most road tested platform ever. The LGA775!

Look what money you can save OCing: (Identical Systems with OCed Wolfdales versus stock 9650s)

And there are six pages of just OCing Benchmarks for Wolfdales.,1777-13.html
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