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Red face Sucks big time


first of all hi JuiceZ !

Im really disapponited, this is really kinda abuse of PC users. We pay much money to buy a game, we are happy to have a company like Blizzard, bringing us games like SC or WC3 or D2. All in all we kep em up, we pay them respect in some way. Awaiting some Cashcow like SC2 we get run down with SC : Ghost, a title for the xbox, pushed by massive amounts of money. VERY amusing, destroys all the trust we pumped in Blizzard. I mean WC3 was a pretty good game, after all, and BILL ROPER does all he can, CONSUM allte the money probably MS or another dumb firm gave him. I lost ALL RESPECT for Blizzard, i just wish them HELL with their new game, DO NOT RIP. JUST SIMPLY F**K YOU
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