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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
First, a dual-core and 2GB of RAM is all you need to run Vista well. Lose the quad-core and 8GB nonsense, that's a fallacy.
Agreed. Although I will say that a dual-core and 2GB RAM is MINIMUM for Vista. MINIMUM.

Secondly, while Apple does have low market share, those commercials did slow the adoption of Vista. Those advertisements caused a lot of computer illiterates to believe things about Vista that weren't true. Those ads did more to slow Vista sales, than to promote Apple sales.
I really doubt this, although MS really did NOTHING to rebuttle against the Apple ads until the whole Jerry Seinfeld idea came around. But that's MS's fault. I really, really doubt that the Apple ads had a huge affect on the computer illiterates. The Apple ads were simple, but in most cases true . . .

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