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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

here is a comparison
this is Vista ultimate SP1 in Sweden 3400SEK = 416 U.S.D

Now this is a Asus GeForce GTX 260 896MB "TOP" PhysX 3400SEK=416 U.S.D

now is there something wrong with this picture? it wasnt more than say 6 months ago that vista ultimate with no SP1 cost 4800SEK= 587 U.S.D

Asus GeForce GTX 295 1792MB PhysX CUDA 5795SEK=709U.S.D

you see what i mean even a Intel I7 920 is cheaper than vista ultimate with SP1

something is very wrong either the price on OSīs in SWeden or MS needs to cut it big time no wonder so many pirated windwos is used no one can afford a retail woindows unless you have alot of money.
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