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Default Re: Help needed from 295 owners

Particularly significant:

yes I know this is an old motherboard but that’s the point of the article I’m writing. It has a single PCIe 16x 1.0a slot.
This was not a post to find a solution necessarily, but to confirm that the faults were specific to this system and not a general on-going issue with PhysX instability.

I would normally post my full system specs if I were looking for a solution, but in this case I’ve tried to be a little coy for journalistic reasons.

But I do appreciate all the feedback that has helped me conclude that this is indeed a problem with this test system.

I should add that the PhysX demo causes a catastrophic BOD, memory dump and system restart, which is often the sign of system instability. I've contacted AsRock about the issue, but the board is so old they will probably fob me off with "try a newer board", which is good advice for a punter, but no good for my article. I can see that this article is going to be a lot shorter than I had intended.

Strange the problem should only affect some PhysX applications and then only on this 295 card. It seems perfectly stable in games like Crysis and other PhysX demos.
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