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Default Re: HDMI works initially but wont work after changing to TV and then back to HDMI

Originally Posted by s0be View Post
I have an aquos 32 inch 1080p, and don't have this problem. On my controller, it's 'display' (between source and light at the top of the controller) to see what it detects. I can have the tv off or on, on a different input, and whatnot, before or after booting the system. I've never found a setup that didn't work. Chance of a flakey hdmi cable? Is it straight hdmi or dvi to hdmi?
Not sure who you were asking.. in my case, I was using straight HDMI to my 47" LCD.

Seems like if it doesn't find the LCD info at boot time, it won't try again, and/or boot and decides there is no display (then) and can't tell (later) when the LCD is on.

Or it could be a trait of linux (Ubuntu 8.10), I don;t know. Guess I can try booting in windows and see what happens there.
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