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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
whats the difference between me assuming not many went back to XP and you assuming they all went back to XP? THERE IS NONE, you just think youre right because you apply your personal preference and some "stats" you got from you and your friends.

really? so the Mojave project they launched, all that FUD just came from nowhere? sure, there was a lot in papers and on the internet, but the bulk of it was supplied by Apple's douchebag commercials.

hey genius, why dont you look at the XP launch? XP had "high" hardware requirements too. XP was hated at first like Vista was, too. now you cling to it like its your lifeline, and the truth is, its a ****ty OS that was designed around a kernel based on having your own in house administrator. it was not designed for the masses, hence the 3 SP's and the 1000's of security updates. (and it still can be overwhelmbed by viruses and spyware).

and you took my Apple comment literally, which it was not supposed to be. it was an example of how FUD determined the market situation before the product was even fully used.

have you noticed how you and conroejoe and only a handful of ppl have had problems with Vista? hmm, who am i going to put my money on? people who know wtf theyre doing, or you two tools?

find that post. and windows 7 is vista SP3.

nekro's forgotten more than youve ever known.

Nekro fanboy? Yea, your replies are meaningless and WRONG. They were humorous though, I LOL'd at the Mojave stuff.

Mojave was retarded. The people they used were retarded. You might as well just come out and say you love Macs if you thought Mojave wasn't retarded.

Vista doesn't just have high hardware requirments it NEEDS much more hardware that W7 does. I can run W7 on my laptop and its faster. Vista on the other hand barely ran and that was with everything disabled. Vista can't run WELL on most computers ( I mean OEM PCs and 2-3 year old PCs - not the stuff you and I run) and most laptops on the market. Thats the problem with Vista. Windows 7 will remove that barrier and PCs a few years old and laptops will have no problems running Windows 7 - more people sticking with XP will be able to actually "upgrade".

Did I even say I had problems with Vista? Nope, I've just been saying Windows 7 is superior in every way. I am running Vista SP2 on 2 PCs and dont have any glaring issues right now. I'm running W7 on the other 2 machines and they are alot quicker, more responsive and almost everything worked outta the box. I've had a few compatibility issues that I've resolved already.

Nekro's a closet Linux fan.

BTW, let's see Vista do this. ROTFLMAO.

The numbers and charts don’t really tell the full story, though. With identical configurations, Windows 7 was dramatically faster at starting up and shutting down than Vista, and some routine tasks that would grind the Vista machine to a halt completed without incident on the Windows 7 machine.
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