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Default Re: Windows 7 Games Explorer = Stale

Originally Posted by Buio View Post
It should be obvious what I meant, but I'll try to explain so it's easy to understand;

It's an attempt to make it better standardized and more organized, with all game options in one place/icon (right click it to get alternative start options, updates, readmes and whatever). If you have installed many games (and other apps) on Windows XP you would know that the start menu gets cluttered with many sub-folders and icons named whatever the parent or developer company thought was best. And games might have 5-6 icons for uninstall/readme/webpage/game etc.

By the way, with Windows 7 games that are installed in the games explorer automatically get a icon in Start Menu\Games. So people can start them from there too.
You mean there's a right click? I had no idea.
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