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Default Problems with GTX 295

I recently upgraded from dual 9800 GX2's to dual GTX 295's and am having some instability issues. My system specs are as follows:

EVGA X58 3X SLI Motherboard
Intel i7 965 @ 3.2ghz
12GB DDR3 1600
Coolmax 1350 watt SLI certified power supply
Vista Home Premium 64 bit

I'm currently using 181.22 nVidia drivers. I'm running my main monitor @ 2560x1600 and my 2nd monitor @ 1920x1200 with SLI and PhysX enabled.

Specifically, I was getting bsods at random times while playing just about every game I own... even in games that are not very graphic intensive or demanding of your system. I narrowed these crashes down to winamp, though I didn't experience any issues when I was running the 9800gx2's. Simply not running winamp in the background is a bandaid to this problem, but not a solution.

Even without winamp running, I still experience significantly higher texture load times than with the 9800gx2's - I'd say about 4-5x longer... this also seems a bit odd.

Alt-Tabing out of any DirectX game can cause the game to stop responding, but hasn't resulted in a bsod.

I've tried reseating the cards. I've uninstalling and reinstalling the nvidia drivers. I've tried each card individually and still seem to have the same issues.

I'm just curious if anyone is aware of known issues like this. I tried EVGA's tech support but I'm fairly certain I knew more about hardware/software than the person I spoke to on the phone. Could there be an issue with the new drivers or do I have to resort to a clean install?

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions you may have.
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