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Default Re: NVDIA or ATI (over Linux)

Originally Posted by leigh123@linux View Post
Nvidia support is outstanding and easy to setup , they also add support the latest kernels and Xorg server quickly .
ATI's support of Linux is extremely poor and hard to setup , they took over 5 months to support the latest Xorg server
For some time I have been using nvidia on desktop PC and ATI on a Dell Latitude D610 laptop. Until very recently nvidia support has been excellent, though there have been bad interactions with software suspend/tuxonice.

Recently nvidia seem to have done something to screw up badly, as discussed in another thread (possibly more than one), e.g.

ATI have certainly improved the ease of installation of their fglrx driver recently, and also installed a startup script that automatically creates and inserts the required module if you boot up after a kernel upgrade. That worked much better than the old 'radeon' X11 driver for ATI.

However, I was having a lot of trouble getting the laptop to work with projectors for presentations. When I learnt about the 'xrandr' program I found it did not work with the ATI driver. However, it turned out that by then there was an 'ati' driver for So I installed that, and it has worked perfectly, including using xrandr to make the laptop interact properly with a variety of projectors. I don't know whether ATI contributed to that driver. It also works fine with software suspend2 (tuxonice).

So in the past I would have unhesitatingly voted for nvidia. Now I find ATI winning. But I have not tried an ATI card on my desktop PC.

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