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Default Re: Problems with 9300M GS on Sony Vaio Z11

I have a Z21 and was facing the same issue as all of you..


Reading somewhere about booting into vista/xp to initalise the video card I tried the same.. I will cut the rest short..

I eventually tried to install windows xp sp3 from CD and got a blue screen (7B error (no boot device.. sata?)) I didnt even get to the PRESS F8 To Agree.. I pressed the power button on the side (single click) and when the computer rebooted the SPEED mode was on (green light)

I then booted into Linux, Enabled the drivers and it worked?

So this tells me that windows is not reliant on drivers from sony/nvidia to init the card.. Must be a windows thing.. like ACPI? or .. I don't know... Might be that rebooting via the power (was like a reset switch) some how inits the card..

Hope we can get this sorted..

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