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Default Re: Problems with GTX 295

Originally Posted by Bee_Dee_3_Dee View Post

Because ill just get refunded $139 for the pos 800 watt psu and keep using the 620hx.

I bought the 620hx after 100 hours of research last June ('08) to conclude the 620hx was one of the best for an 8800GTX. It was great for the GTX280 and now I'm confident its fine for the 295.

But is it a waste to get a 750 watt corsair? ( ) That was the big question today newls1. Would the extra 130 watts make a difference considering i have 5 hdds, just 1 dvdrw, but a dual tv card. tytytyty
OK, lets make something clear here: is your 620hx a single 12v rail, or multiple? do you know? I wasn't aware that corsair made that unit with multi rails (YUCK) If your PSU is a single 12v rail, no need to upgrade, unless you intend later on to add more stuff.
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