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Default Re: Problems with GTX 295

Originally Posted by newls1 View Post
Remember; wattage of a PSU is only 1/4 of what is important. The n00b's always think that a 10000000000watt PSU from chinatech that was 65$ and has 16 12v rails, with each rail having 7amps each, will power a PC with actual good specs: GTX285/295, quad core, etc..... Think of it this way, if you go buy Nvidia's specs for powering a GTX295, they call for a 680watt psu, xx amperage. So by Nvidias terms, your actually underpowering your 295, BUT YOUR NOT! Your corsair (solid performer) has 1 12v rail with plenty of juice. I'll never understand the reasoning behind some people (not you) buy $2000 worth of parts for there PC, and power it with a $70 chinatech 1 jiggawatt PSU, that is utter ****......
This reminds me of when I used to tell my dipsh!t buddies about car audio amplification.

'Why duz i want to spend $400 on a 75 watt Fosgate, when I can get a 1200 watt amp for $39.00 at the flea market. lol
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