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Default Re: Problems with GTX 295

Originally Posted by Smee View Post
This reminds me of when I used to tell my dipsh!t buddies about car audio amplification.

'Why duz i want to spend $400 on a 75 watt Fosgate, when I can get a 1200 watt amp for $39.00 at the flea market. lol
BINGO. I have friends that say the same thing. I personally have 2 18" Fi Audio BL's jammin on a USAmps MD3D ~2500watt @ 1ohm, powered from 2 230amp alts on my tahoe. My buddy things he can get the same effect from using 4 12" Pioneers (CRAP!) using a 4000watt BOSS amp from brandsmart. WTF!!! LOL..... Im getting 147.6 dB, I'll bet he wont see anything over 110.

To the OP, keep the PSU you have now, and dont look back.
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