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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

Is anyone using xine-vdpau for watching DVD's? I get horrible tearing when there is horizontal panning. This only happens in xine-vdpau when using the vdpau driver. When I use the xv driver everything is smooth as can be.

Composite is disabled in xorg.config.

In the config setting the vdpau driver I use:

xine-vdpau -pfhq --no-splash --auto-scan dvd
In the config stetting the xv driver I use:

xine -pfhq --post tvtime:method=Greedy2Frame,enable=1,chroma_filter=1,pulldown=vektor,framerate_mode=full,judder_correction=1,use_progressive_frame_flag=1,cheap_mode=0 --post unsharp:luma_amount=0.5 --no-splash --auto-scan dvd
Has anyone else experienced the same issued when playing DVDs?

On a side note, when using vdpau for DVDs most the time xine does not even register when viewing the "top" command. It will maybe peak at 1% or 2%. With the above command line and xv drivers it's around 40% to 50%.

Edit: When playing DVD's using VDPAU and mythtv's internal player I do not get the tearing with horizontal panning. I do however get momentary freezing every minute or so.

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