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Default Re: Xine vdpau announcement

Originally Posted by Uberman View Post
Funny you should bring that up.

Background: I've just spent that last several days trying to find an operating system that would play x264-encoded films (720p & 1080p). I have been using FC8, xine 0.99.5, and an
both my software-only xine, and the mplayer-vdpau. I really did expect the VDPAU player to give me better video, but it too caused video tearing of the same movies that xine 0.99.5 plays without tearing!
The ones that show tearing for me are h.264 files encoded from 1080i interlaced film sources that probably should be inverse telecined, but show at 29.97. Even though it should be enabled I get

vo_vdpau: enabled features: inverse_telecine=0

in the logfile. I'm not sure of the correct settings to use bob deintelacing but also do inverse telecine, or should deinterlacing be off?

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