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Default Re: Maximus II Formula w/ E8400 BIOS Settings

I got the same MB & CPU. So far I've been able to run fully stable through 6 hrs of prime95 in blend @ 4005MHz (445x9) with the temps at 36-37C idle and 55-57C full load. I can't find yet an acceptable temp with a higher clock, I think i'll go liquid to shoot for 4.2Ghz. Anyway heres the settings I used (as shown in the BIOS):
Ratio CMOS Setting = 9.0
FSB Frequency = 445
CPU Voltage = 1.3125
CPU PLL Voltage = 1.5
FSB Termination Voltage = 1.32525
North Bridge Voltage = 1.1265
I forgot to write down the SB voltages, but i think they go like this:
sb1.1 = 1.79
sb1.5 = 1.50

Hope this helps you out and good luck.
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