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Default Re: Problems with GTX 295


I just fixed FO3 its rocking so far on Ultra Settings (Highest) and I don't have to blame the PSU anymore. FO3 was showing symptoms that maybe a PSU was inadequate.

Thanks again newls1.

I did see one Website's review/ benchmark of GTX295 that used the 620HX but I'm still amazed this one 620W PSU is OK...


A single GTX295 needs 31AMP's (JUST FOR THE CARD ITSELF) plus a needed 10% IN RESERVE. Ideally, you want a PSU with a single 12v rail to maintain the cards needs under load. Most people have PSU's that have 3/4/5 12v rails that are only 15-20a each, and that is NOT RECOMMENDED for this card.
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