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Default Re: EVGA - Step-up is a marketing scam

Originally Posted by zyklon69 View Post
Im not expecting an overnight solution. The step-up is supposed to give the consumer some kind of "deal". Losing time and money does is equate to a deal. Im not the only person who is dealing with this issue. Lots of people have been waiting months in queue fot their turn. EVGA needs to "step-up".
Care to back up your assertion that "lots of people have been waiting months?" Step-up orders are probably the last ones processed, after major retailers (Newegg, et al), system integrators (Alienware, et al), and eVGA's own online store. If a product is hot, it's going to be in short supply.

But go ahead and try to sell your card on eBay. Good luck getting even 80% of what you originally paid for the card. I did a step-up to an 8800GTX back in the day, and I was in the queue for about 2 weeks, IIRC. It's not like you'll lose your place in line or lose the ability to step up because they don't have stock at the moment.

It's not eVGA's fault that you're impatient.

Originally Posted by Q
The guy has a legitimate concern. He moved from 110 to 105 in a week. At the rate that is going its going to take him 6 months to "Step Up". By then the next refresh will be available.
I'm guessing that he's stepping up to a GTX 285 or 295, both of which are brand new products that haven't been at retail very long. As such, step-up requests are probably going to take longer to fill than, say, for someone moving from an 8800 to a GTX 260. The initial move through the queue can take a bit, but once eVGA gets supply (it's not as if they're only ordering one card at a time), his position will move up quicker than he thinks.
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