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Originally posted by Essense
Wow, that's pretty close-minded Ground. Losing all respect for a company because they decide to release a console game and broaden there markets? Hello.. companies ARE about MONEY. NOTHING else. PERIOD. Duh.

That said, I too am very disapointed there will not be a PC Version. If it comes out on the Cube i'll probably buy it and enjoy it though as I do own a gamecube (Bought it for my lil'bro)

It is annoying though, and I imagine alot of people will be disapointed because PC's are there entire audiance, there whole fan-base lies in PC, so if they announce a console game, of course there will be negative reactions.

well, if you think about what he said, they are basically abandoning their core market with this title. i'm pretty sure there will be an Xbox port of this game, maybe a port to all 3 consoles. that being said, there is absolutely no reason why they can't also release the game for PC.
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