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Default Re: GTx 280 pink screen crash on first running 3D game from 2-3 hours rest.

Originally Posted by xorbe View Post
Sometimes the root cause failure, say, over in your system memory, could result in symptoms of a crashing video driver.

Very doubtful it's the HDD or DVD. Most likely the GPU. However, you could try reseating the memory, the cpu, the gpu card, the data cables, the power connectors. If you have 2 sticks of ram, run with just one, and then with just the other. Try relaxing ram timings. Try an extra notch of cpu and ram voltage (safely of course). Probably none of this will help -- but -- you never know.

I bet if you plugged in an identical video card of the one you have, the problem would go away.
Definitely try everything xorbe just said jincuteguy.

And BIOS mite be corrupted too. Load Fail Safe or Optimal. Even Clear CMOS too.

Plus, Does the newest bios update address any issues related to stability?

And be sure not to be using the wrong UPS. I Just had to throw that one in- but most all older UPSs are not compatible with the big PSUs nowadays.

Just make a list of everything you've tried jincuteguy.

Almost forgot, the 4G Corsair Dominator RAM can be tricky but Corsair's support ppl rocked every time i've ever spoke with 'em. And now that i mention it, my latest BIOS updates for my MOBO made the 4G Corsair Dominator I have fully compatible. (I just noticed we both have the same RAM jincuteguy.... well i got the 1066.)


And after it gets fixed perfect, learn Norton Ghost to help rule out the OS in the future.
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