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Default Huge slowdown after 2 min in 32-bit games with 4+ GB RAM installed

Symptoms: You're in a game for a few minutes, then suddenly the FPS drops in half. It may happen on other 3D applications, I don't know. I don't run compiz or any other compositing manager.

It happens reproducibly every single time. In CS 1.6 there is further graphical corruption and eventually a crash.

The only solution I've found after trawling tons of bug reports is to disable Memory Remapping in the BIOS, which of course is only applicable if you have >3GB of RAM and a 64-bit linux distribution. When this is disabled, the problem disappears. Of course, so does all your RAM.

So far I've tested:
Nvidia drivers 177.82-180.29

Enabling options like enable_mtrr_cleanup and nopat for the kernel don't change anything.

I don't even know if this is nvidia's fault. It certainly sounds like a kernel problem, but I don't know anything about anything.
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