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Default Re: Anyone tried Accelero XTREME GTX 280 cooler on GTX 260 55nm?

I get the impression that the stock gpu cooler is a rather robust one. Your cpu temp I think is a tad bit high though well with in limits. This makes me think you could perhaps achieve better cooling by trying to lower the ambient temperature in your case.

If there's a lot of hot air in there an after market gpu cooler wont do much difference since you can never cool anything below the ambient level.

This is why I like the stock gpu cooler, it's designed to exhaust hot air in the back so it wont end up by the cpu and chipset.

My gtx is also OC version but from Evga, it idles at around 40c and highest temperatures I've seen thus far is 78c in furmark. With most games it usually goes up to 72c.

Do you have any fans in the front of your case?
I mounted a 120mm one at the front on the same level as the gpu to help supply with fresh air. It's not obstructed by any hard drives or anything
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