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Default Jerky playback in xine with subtitles enabled

Video playback lags and jerks reproducibly when very large or huge subtitles
are enabled in xine. This also affects all applications that use xine such as totem and kaffeine.
Desktop effects, player frontend, codec or bitrate of the video do not affect this behaviour.

If the playback window is scaled to a small size the lags do not occur. The X server processor usage jumps up at the precise moment a subtitle is displayed.

I've verified that this problem only occurs with the nvidia driver. I've tested the 177.80, 180.11 and 180.29 releases.

I've disabled all sync to vblank options and also added Option "UseEvents" "true" to my xorg.conf, to no perceptible effect.

My configuration:
Kubuntu 8.10 + KDE 4.2
GeForce 9800GT with proprietary nvidia driver version 180.29 (also tested 177.80, 180.11)
Window size: 2048x1152

Xine bug:
Ubuntu bug:

Please note that I had to split the dmesg output from the nvidia-bug-report.log because the file was above the boards max. size.
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