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Default Re: Anyone tried Accelero XTREME GTX 280 cooler on GTX 260 55nm?

EciDemon do you have 55nm version GTX 260?

I do have 3 X 120mm fans in my case one in front of the case on the same level as gpu and the other two at the back beside CPU and chipset pushing air out. Before this card I had a GTX 260 192 version in my case idling at 43C and 75C load.
I agree with you on the after market coolers not exhausting hot air to the back of the case but inside.
I still think the 55nm GTX 260's heatsinks have been shrunk, the quality control and assembly of the card has been cut to the max by BFG so the possibility of improper heatsink placement is much higher then it was with 65nm versions.
Maybe I will try to reset the heatsink if I don't find any other alternatives.
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