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Default Re: Which card to buy?

Originally Posted by walterman View Post
If you do not care about AA, and you have a limited budget, i think that the GTX 260 55nm will do a nice work.

You also can get a "cheap" SLI board, like Revs said, and add a 2nd GTX 260 in the future, if you are not happy.
Originally Posted by DaveChambers View Post
I'd go for the 55nm GTX 260, just seems like the best bang for the buck when you're on a budget. As well as being able to add in a second one in the future without draining your kids college fund after the build is said and done.

I was just ready to come to a conclusion, then your sage posts have made me think again

I think the 285 GTX is out of the running. For only 10 more I can get a 4870x2 which seems a better bet.

However its the question of whether I should spend 30% less and get a 260gtx.

Decisions Decisions.

The money I have set aside for this is not important money. eg its not money needed for bills etc, so its not that much waste.
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