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Default Re: Microsoft: We Need for 6 Windows 7 SKUs

Instead of selling multiple versions they could sell one and include an addition prompt during setup asking for type of use that would install features and programs suited to that environment, while allowing the user to add/remove components post install.

With them releasing several versions I can't help think it's a mistake and any positives will be easily outweighed by the negative impacts of increased cost for marketing packaging shipping supporting the different versions. Not to mention it will irritate and or confuse customers by making the decision to upgrade more complicated than it could or should be.

On the topic of why Vista failed or didn’t do better, Word of mouth can have a significant impact on any product so I wouldn’t discount the negative comments from the apple camp “adds and user base” as a contributing factor. It seems there are a large number of Mac users who can’t seem to pass on any opertunity to bash the MS operating systems and true or not all that negative critisim can be very damaging to the acceptance of a product..

I know a few people who didn’t buy Vista because of the decision about which version they needed. They set out to buy it but the multiple versions and price teirs made them question what their needs actualy were then they realized XP was already accomodating those needs..
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