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Default Re: 180.08 & red checkerboard

the same with the new .29-driver, and I agree, it seems to have to do something with vertical sync. It appears that I get the full red or checkerboard red frames (both occur from time to time) when the vsync is amiss. In the old driver I don't have this issue, but it sometimes appears that a previous frame is repeated again, la A B C D E D F G H and so fort. In the new driver case, when the 'D' frame is repeated, I get the checkerboard flicker. But this is only a guess, so I don't know what really is the issue here.
I know of a patch for mplayer (which I don't know if it's in the current SVN, I only saw it mentioned on the mailing list) that addressed this flickering issue (look at this thread:
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