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Default Re: GTX285 and IE oddity

I did say on the previous post: Edit: I forgot to mention that it will still happen to some degree and I think it is due mainly to power management, but it will not be a severe as before.

It is easy to replicate because you only need to wait about a second or two and then scroll for this to happen. But this did happen with my 8800GTX before I upgraded to the 285 using Vista. The reason as to why I think it is power management related is that it is all too similar to having link state power management for PCIe enable, moderate or maximum, for Vista. When this is enabled it is very easy to discern and constant (worse). Seems as if the driver is not scaling the GPU properly. Modifying those two particular settings settings have had an effect that made it less noticeable, but it does not remedy. Also, it is worse in IE than in Chrome, which is mainly what I use.

Edit: So this is what we know that does not matter-architecture. We have Core i7 and Core 2 Duo's experiencing this and even recent and latter GPU's. Power management and smooth scrolling setting makes it worse. The previous 17x.xx driver, to my recall, did not experience this, but I did notice this with the 8800GTX and the recent drivers.

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