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Default Re: Huge slowdown after 2 min in 3D games with >3GB RAM and Memory Remap Enabled

Okay, I'm confused now.

I have 8GB of RAM in a 4x2GB configuration.

If I leave memory remapping on, and go down to 4GB of RAM, the problem disappears. I tested with different combinations of memory modules, but nothing changed. I also tested various RAM slots to make sure it wasn't that.

However, if I add a module (6GB), the problem comes back. If I go to 8 it fails, as I reported above.

The memory is fine; I've tested it using memtest86, the 'stress' program, raised/lowered voltage, relaxed timings/frequency, etc.

There aren't any heat problems. I have a lot of cooling. The ambient temperature never goes over 39C at worst.

I need 8GB of RAM to get any useful work done, and I want to play games (plus who knows what this is doing to my CUDA performance...) So I'm getting really frustrated. Anyone have any ideas?
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