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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Originally Posted by DJMONDY View Post
Ok, ive got everything maxed in crysis and crysis warhead and even though it runs like crap it still dont look as good as the screenshots on here.

What have i got to do to make it look that good??

Also any tips on making it look awsome but with better performance?

U can't to get sweet visuals in crysis u need a powerpacking system. Are you running XP is the maxed settings only High, therefor you need to tweak it to Veryhigh. If you run vista or win7 u can choose Veryhigh directly...

You can also tweak your game to get even better visuals than Veryhigh. Here's a comparison between High, Veryhigh and Custom Ultrahigh:



Custom Ultrahigh

Quite some difference...

What u can do except from custom configs is to up the resolution if you have a CRT monitor. Or use nHancer to use SSAA if you run an LCD...
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