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Default Re: Integrated Geforce 8200 woes: high X CPU on video playback

Originally Posted by zim2dive View Post
can you give details.. specific content (maybe a sample mpg we can all download) and what player you are using?

Does this only happen when you fast-forward?
I am using Mythtv. Trunk version 19845 to be specific.
It doesn't happen just when fast forwarding. I can start watching a video and it will start out fine at the normal 17% then suddenly jump to 100%.
The video can be anything. Standard def 720x480 mpeg2, High def 720p or 1080i mpeg2 and 720p h.264 doesn't matter.

These problems happen when using xv-blit (Xvideo) playback profile in Mythtv.

The distribution is Gentoo and I have tried both xorg-server 1.4.2 and 1.5.3 with the same results.
I can post video if some one really wants it but there is nothing special about it. It happens on all video from all the source's I record from. ( pvr 250, hdhomerun, hdpvr )

The good news is with the 180.29 driver 2d is working faster and vdpau is working very well for me.
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