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Default 4496 APM not working on my Inspiron


I am having a similar problem. Specificly I am using an
Inspiron 4100 with Nvidia geforce 2go.

I have atempted to install the 4496 driver with excitement that I would finaly be able to use AGP and suspend. Sadly it didn't work out. I am seeing the following sympotms:

When the module is loaded and X is NOT running and I type apm -s on the console I get 'Device or resource busy!' however as soon as I startup X and do 'apm -s' it looks like the machine starts to go into suspend, the monitor blacks out (but remains backlit) and then the machine seems to freeze.

Its back to 3123 for now as that is the only driver that has worked with a patch and no AGP for me for over a year now. I really hope someone can help me figure this out or nvidia fixes this bug? I would gladly post more info like the XF86Config gfile if you think it would help. But the above behavior seems weird to me.

Roman Meytin
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