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Default Re: Which card to buy?

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf View Post
I prefer single card solutions myself, and I'd be leaning towards either the 260, or the 285. The 1Gb memory on the 285 means plenty of buffer for the higher rez. To give you an idea, i have a 280, and my flatmate bought a 295. I get no slowdown in GTA4 with high textures, he gets slowdown every 2 - 3 secs because he has less memory buffer.

Yes, the 4870x2 might only be 10 more, but the 285 performs nearly as good, and it's only 1 card.

The Q9550 is a good choice, very nice CPU. Overclocks nicely.
Not another one. (No offense WeReWoLf. im just playin'.)

OK, if anybody wants a 285 here's a whole bakers dozen to pick from:

"Let me see, I'll take that one. No, that one. Wait, turn that one over. Yes, give me that one plz." (Plus note the free games they have added.)

But if you want a 295, and because you waited three weeks to decide... just look:

Your out of luck mates. And w-h-y are u out of luck?

Because getting a 295 is the right decision to make. You can't find one because it is just as bad ass a Video Card as having a 8800GTX in November of 2006 was! w00t! *memories

Just because GTAIV this or GTAIV that.

My 295 failed at first on FO3 for reasons I caused. Then it passed with flying colors on another game. Then another game... then another game... then another game... It was like a pattern. And I said, "well I wonder if the problems when trying FO3 was the game's setting and not the card". And it was.

Remember, the same settings on a 285 are not gurenteed to work on a 295. For example, (for Crysis) Vertical sinc on a 285? Yes. Vertical sinc on a 295? No.
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