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Default 180.29 problem switching from X to console


I have two Cards with 3 Monitors.
With Xinerama enabled after about 100 focus changes between windows on two different "monitors" the focus freezes. It seems that mouse position doesn't ger correctly interpreted, since I have cursor shape changes on one monitore where the corresponding window really is on another monitor (at approx that position).
The real problem is that also the window manager (xfwm) isn't able to switch between windows anymore, so I'm not sure if this is xorg or nvidia related.
But when I log in form a remote machine an kill the application which holds the focus, the whole X server dies.

Another problem I have with the 180.29 (also with 180.25) driver is that I can't switch to console. The console itself is working, but I can't see anything, just a frozen boot-screen. After blindly login in I can execute any command, so it's just the graphic output which is not working.

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