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Just a rough estimate...

FX 5900 Ultra @500/960 45.33s, XP 2800+, 1 gig ram, WinXP
1024x768 4xAA / 4X AF / all game settings max

Just spectating seemed to hover in the teens for quite a bit of the map, turned off hardware 3D+EAX sound and got back to the mid-20s. Parts would hit 50s, 60s, etc. but most of the time I'd say it was hovering around 23fps if anything at all was going on.

It definitely wasn't what I'd consider playable. Oh, for what's it's worth, my highest 3DMark03 has been 6411. I don't think it is translating well to the gaming world though. I think I'm getting too much stutter in a few other games as well.

Edit: stutter was probably a bad choice. I actually think I have two issues. Lower than expected framerates in some games when using AA and AF and stuttering occasionally when the framerates actually appear to be fairly high.

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